“Why journalists deserve low pay.”

Economics professor Robert G. Picard argues that many journalists deserve low pay in an article in the Christian Science Monitor and, to my surprise, I agree with him. Picard’s thesis is: To create economic value, journalists and news organizations historically relied on the exclusivity of their access to information and sources, and their ability to […]

This just in: Brian Moran is seeking the governor’s seat.

Oh, look—Brian Moran announced today that he’s running for governor. And media outlets are carrying the story as news—Charlottesville’s WCAV, D.C.’s WTOP, the Associated Press / Daily Press, and Lynchburg’s WSET are all reporting on this. I don’t mean to pick on Moran here, because lots of candidates do this. They run for office for […]

Richard Cohen on McCain’s tactic of lying.

We’re starting to see the wheels come off of the Straight Talk Express. I long admired McCain as the sort of guy with whom I’d agree about little, but respect for his honesty and frankness. But gradually, over the last couple of years, I saw him turn his back on his beliefs without explanation (and […]

Talking heads controlled by the Pentagon.

An extensive investigation by the New York Times has uncovered that military analysts appearing on TV are being paid to parrot the Pentagon’s talking points, and have been doing so since the buildup to Bush’s war in Iraq. In the words of one former Fox News military analyst, “It was them saying, ‘We need to […]