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How to decode law histories.

After every law in the Code of Virginia is a little section called “history.” If you’ve seen it, you’ve almost certainly ignored it, because it looks like nonsense. In fact, it’s just a poorly encoded collection of really valuable data about that law. Here’s a translation guide. (From my State Decoded blog.) 

Links for July 22nd

  • Wikipedia: Flotsam and jetsam
    Floatsam is the wreckage of a ship or cargo that is floating in the water. Jetsam is any part of either that was tossed overboard deliberately.
  • Chosen
    This is a nice-looking, non-intrusive little jQuery/Prototype plugin that improves the UI of HTML select boxes. I'm not using it anywhere, but I intend to.
  • BBC News: How the apprentice gets ahead in Germany
    We've substantially lost the apprenticeship system in the United States, and I think there are a bunch of reasons why that's problematic. It turns out that system is alive and well in Germany, and it's working out very well for them.

Links for July 16th