The false hope of vitamin supplements.

In the New York Times, Tara Parker-Pope looks at the (possible) false hope of vitamin supplements. Vitamins are essential—we’d quickly die without them. But it’s looking increasingly likely that vitamin supplements—vitamins in pill form—are significantly less effective than vitamins that occur naturally, in food. Vitamins may be what allow our bodies to avoid the sorts […]

A new study says mercury is commonly found in corn syrup.

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, a Minnesota-based nonprofit, recently conducted a study of off-the-shelf corn syrup and found that almost half of the samples that they tested contain mercury. One third of the HFCS-bearing packaged food and drinks that they tested contained the poison. The use of mercury-contaminated caustic soda is apparently common […]

£10k purse for proving homeopathy’s effectiveness.

A doctor and a physicist have put up a £10,000 for anybody who can demonstrate that homeopathic medicine works better than a placebo. Homeopathy is at best a placebo, at worst it’s something closer to medicalized superstition. “Homeopaths,” writes New Scientist dryly, “seem in no hurry to take up the offer.” Somebody will win that […]

No need for those eight glasses of water.

A medical myth that drives me nuts (as I’ve mentioned) is the claim that drinking X glasses of water each day is good for you. NPR’s Morning Edition debunked that claim this morning, demonstrating that there’s no benefit to doing so. It doesn’t help “flush your body of toxins,” improve your skin, help you lose […]