Links for May 2nd

New York Times: A Tipping Point for Gay Marriage?With the government unable to muster a legally defensible argument against gay marriage, it's amazing that the House of Representatives went ahead and hired their own private law firm to carry on the right. But it's more amazing still that the law firm dropped the case, finding […]

The RPV doesn’t dare speak badly of gay rights.

The Republican Party of Virginia sent out an e-mail to supporters today, complaining about President Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Kagan, famously, joined in an amicus brief in a lawsuit fighting the Solomon Amendment, the law that prohibits federal funding to universities that bar military recruiters from their campus. Kagan did […]

Family Research Council founder goes a’twinking.

Family Research Council co-founder (along with James Dobson) George Rekers hired a 20-year-old male prostitute for a ten-day trip to Europe. Rekers, a prominent leader of the anti-gay movement, says that he just needed somebody to haul his luggage for him due to an injury…so he went to and selected a call boy. (I […]

“Goode Linked to Gay Movie.”

When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. When the Danville Register-Bee hands you the headline “Goode Linked to Gay Movie,” make…um…gay-ade. (With that just-out-of-the-closest freshness that can’t be beat.) Now, Eden’s Curve doesn’t look like porn, per se. Let’s go with gay erotica. IMDB says that if you enjoyed “Eden’s Curve,” you may also […]