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Links for August 4th

  • journoterrorist: How to Build a Newsroom Time Machine
    This group of college journalism students were assigned the task of producing a publication using only thirty-year-old technology. They learned a lot.
  • MSNBC: Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, dissolves
    W Spann LLC was formed in March, gave a million dollars to a pro-Romney super PAC, and then shut down in July, right before their first FEC filing was due. Who gave the money? Nobody knows. Who started the company? Can't say. This is why the court decision to allow corporate contributions to campaigns is a disaster. We've got a presidential campaign getting an enormous amount of money, but nobody knows who it's from, and I'm not sure anybody's going to find out.
  • Computerworld: eBay attacks server virtualization with 100TB of SSD storage
    To deal with I/O demands of virtual machines, eBay saved a bunch of money by moving to solid-state drives. They replaced 100TB with SSDs, dropping their storage rack space needs by 50%, cutting their power consumption by 78%, and increasing I/O performance by 500%. SSDs are awfully expensive when compared to traditional hard drive, but surely they'll quickly pay for themselves in this instance.