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Oil industry knew in 1995 that they were causing climate change.

Oil companies concluded in 1995 that “the scientific basis for the Greenhouse Effect and the potential impact of human emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 on climate is well established and cannot be denied,” but decided it was best to ignore conclusions and continue to claim that there was no correlation. Many of those oil companies continue to pretend otherwise, though some (Exxon Mobil) have recently admitted that humans are causing global climate change and stopped funding the groups that claim otherwise on behalf of the oil industry.

At this point being surprised by this is a bit like being surprised that the tobacco industry long ago knew that cigarettes are deadly.

Sen. Deeds on local food and energy.

See, now this is why I like Creigh Deeds. From Hank Bostwick’s interview with Sen. Creigh Deeds at the Star City Harbinger:

SCH: Do you see a growing trend toward regional and local production of both energy and food?

DEEDS: Absolutely . . . one of the most important recent works of nonfiction is The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Everyone should read it. Local production of both food and energy, as you say, is integral to solving environmental problems and to ensuring a healthy and wholesome food supply . . . this point cannot be understated . . .

I’ve blogged extensively about local food production and local energy production, and they’re both topics of great importance to me. Better still, Creigh’s background is from perspective of supply—energy and food farming—rather than demand, and I think that’s where the emphasis needs to be right now.

RoofRay solar calculator.

Even with all of the great tools out there, it’s surprisingly difficult to just figure out if it’s worth the money to install solar panels on your home. Between calculations of latitude, historical cloud cover rates, degree days, and PV effectiveness, it’s just plain confusing. Which is why I’m so pleased to see RoofRay, a site that will do the math for you. Enter your address, answer a series of questions, and you’ll get all the details, including an ROI analysis. Beware, Virginians: the site will claim that the state offers a significant tax rebate when, sadly, no such thing exists. (Via MeFi)

It’s time to tap into our vast offshore energy reserves.

Virginia is really, really ripe for wind farms, nowhere as effectively as in the Chespeake. There are some spots suitable along the spine of the Blue Ridge, but in the whole of the Chesapeake and in the whole of the continental shelf, there is just a stunning amount of wind energy waiting to be harvested. And as Jim Bacon pointed out a few years ago, Norfolk/Newport News is uniquely equipped to fabricate, haul, and install the enormous turbines.