Links for March 9th

Richmond Times-Dispatch: 1,100 felons regain rights in McDonnell’s first yearColor me surprised. I would happily have put down $50 saying that McDonnell wouldn't restore the civil rights to but maybe 10% as many felons as Gov. Tim Kaine Kaine did. He's on pace to match Kaine. This is still a terrible system—we're one of just […]

Links for March 8th

Wikipedia: Adjective OrderThe "red, big ball"? Of course not—it's "big, red ball." There's an adjective order in English: quantity, quality, size, age, shape, color, proper adjective, and purpose. One has a "nice, little, old, white, brick house," not a "brick, old, little, white, nice house." City Pages: Inside the multimillion-dollar essay-scoring businessThanks to NCLB and […]

Del. Athey’s wrong-headed university funding plan.

Del. Clay Athey (R-Front Royal) says he’s going to do something about the percentage of in-state students at public universities in Virginia. He says that universities should have to maintain a 70% rate to continue to receive state funding, lamenting that less than half of UVa students are from Virginia. So Athey is going to […]