Perriello/Goode debate, poll.

Rep. Virgil Goode and Tom Perriello debated last night, at the Senior Statesman of Virginia’s standard biennial House candidate forum. Campaign advisor Lloyd Snook thinks Perriello came out on top, and prominent local writer and noted Quaker Helena Cobban basically agrees, but with significant reservations. Coincidentally, SUSA released a poll in the race today (which […]

Dems running in every Virginia CD.

Here’s something I hadn’t realized: Democrats are fielding a candidate in all eleven Virginia congressional districts. That’s great. I wish it would become the norm, established by the RPV and the DPVA, that the local party chairs put their name on the ballot as the nominal opponent of otherwise unchallenged incumbents, for state and federal […]

I’m with Bush on the food bill.

Unusually, I’ve got to support President Bush’s position on the farm bill, and oppose the supermajority in the House and the Senate who support it. The farm bill is, functionally, the food bill, and that’s how I think of it. It substantially dictates what we eat, because it has such a strong influence in what […]