Clark has abandoned his professed beliefs for his own ambitions.

Jeff Clark, the far-right independent candidate in the 5 CD race, is considering filing a lawsuit to force his way into debates with Congressman Perriello and challenger Robert Hurt: He has been working with the Rutherford Institute, a civil liberties organization headquartered in Albemarle County, to challenge his exclusion from the debates. Clark said the […]

Hurt will, won’t debate his opponents.

Republican congressional nominee Robert Hurt can’t seem to make up his mind as to whether he’s going to debate his challenger from the right, Jeff Clark. In a recorded interview with The Daily Progress a week ago, he had this exchange with the paper: DP: [Are you] going to be willing to debate Jeff Clark […]

Another 3rd party congressional candidate.

Somehow I missed the recent news that Jeff Clark of Danville will be running against Rep. Tom Perriello in the general election. Like the high-larious Bradley Rees, Clark is too far right even for Fifth District Republicans, which is saying something, and isn’t bothering to try to get the nomination. As with Rees, I intend […]