The Onion’s spot-on forecast of the Bush presidency.

This, the final day of the Bush presidency, seems like the day to revisit The Onion’s often-revisited January 17, 2001 article about Bush, “Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over’”: “My fellow Americans,” Bush said, “at long last, we have reached the end of the dark period in American history […]

White House can’t meet its own terrorist prosecution standards.

The Bush administration has admitted that they can’t prosecute “the 20th hijacker” because they tortured him. Why can’t they torture him? Because that’s outside of their own claimed standards. It’s amazing—Bush set up his own special courts, his own prosecutors, his own prisons, his own legal system just for convicting supposed terrorists—the whole damned system […]

“Nevermind that unitary executive thing.”

John Bolton and John Yoo aren’t so sure about this unitary executive thing, now that Barack Obama is going to be president. Let’s see who gets themselves twisted up more: Democrats who come to embrace the Bush/Yoo philosophy of President as King, or Republicans who suddenly don’t think it’s such a hot idea. My bet […]

Bush-supporting Redskins are now “a blue state.”

Quoth the Redskins’ Philip Daniels: We’ve all got family members that are not doing so well. Democrats would help them out, but Republicans would help us out. […] I used to be a Republican. I wanted Bush in there. The previous years I’ve been Republican because of what we make, but this year’s a little […]

Our socialist president?

Is it possible that one of the most radically-right governments in ages is advocating one of the biggest step towards socialism that this country has taken in generations? President Bush has nationalized the nation’s largest mortgage provider and insurance company. (For contrast, imagine President Obama demanding that Congress approve the government take over and nationalize […]

“The economy, stupid.”

Reader FW writes: I was curious about the stock market’s performance during the Clinton era vs the Bush era so I looked up historical Dow Jones Industrial Average data. I thought you might be interested in the results. 11/02/92 – Last market close before 1992 election 3262.21 11/06/00 – Last market close before 2000 election […]

Promises gone by: a Bush budget retrospective.

There’s bad news on the economic front: Bush’s budget deficit will hit the half-trillion dollar mark next year, which is precisely the opposite of what President Bush has been promising since he first sought the office. Let’s take a look back at each year’s budget news since 2000, the year before President Bush took office. […]