First thoughts on redistricting.

I’m getting home too late to provide much in the way of useful commentary, but I really want to point to the redistricting plans that became public this evening. Just one week before they’re due to be voted on, we’re all getting our first look at them. (To be fair, I thought odds were good […]

Virginia Redistricting Competition winners announced.

Quentin Kidd (of CNU) and Michael McDonald (of GMU) held a competition for the best redistricting plans for Congress, the Senate, and the House. Fifteen teams from eleven universities participated. The winners, selected by folks from the the Brookings Institution and the American Enterprise Institute, were announced today. Of all of the submissions, UVA won […]

Bell accuses Perriello of negative campaigning.

Del. Rob Bell, quoted in today’s Daily Progress: [W]e can all remember how negative mailings filled with innuendo and personal attacks helped defeat Virgil Goode in 2008. Does anybody have the faintest idea of what he’s talking about? I’m not aware of a single such mailing going out. Rep. Tom Perriello ran a very clean […]

Del. Bell is warping the minds of our children!

Delegate Rob Bell is speaking to elementary school students in Albemarle County! Indoctrination! Evil government lecture kids unsuspecting no parental approval badness!!!1111!!!!ELEVEN!!!! Or, y’know, whatever it was that Republicans said when President Obama had the temerity to address school kids a few weeks ago. That.

The C’ville Chamber has yanked the rug out from under Del. Bell.

The conservative Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce has endorsed the creation of a regional transit authority, just a few weeks after Del. Rob Bell intimated that he wouldn’t support a bill authorizing the region to hold a referendum to enable it. Awk-ward. Now Bell’s got to a) find a way to backpedal b) go up […]

Democrat weighing a challenge to Del. Bell.

Speaking of Del. Bell’s district being majority-Democrat now, it’s now public that Albemarle BoS member David Slutzky is weighing a run against Bell. Given Bell’s $406k cash on hand, this is a race that would require being the top priority for the DPVA/House Democratic Caucus, or a really wealthy sugardaddy or two, willing to put […]

The 58th’s move leftward.

I live in Del. Rob Bell’s district, the 58th, and I’ve been keeping an eye on the voting trends here. Perriello defeated Goode in this district by 25,826 votes to 20,996 votes, or with 55% of the vote. (Note that Orange County is not in the 5th Congressional District, so I substituted the presidential numbers […]