Michigan representative barred from speaking on the floor for saying “vagina.”

This should sound familiar to those who followed the debate in the Virginia General Assembly over forcible vaginal probes. Republicans are deeply uncomfortable with the word “vagina,” and once Democratic legislators started tossing that word around, Republicans basically gave up the debate. So go for it, elected Democrats—vagina vagina vagina. If you can’t say it, […]

The other reason that the ultrasound bill crumbled.

Obviously, the biggest reason why the ultrasound bill collapsed is because of its implicit requirement of a transvaginal ultrasound. It’s enormously ironic that Del. Kathy Byron is simultaneously patroning one bill that requires that an object be inserted into an unwilling woman’s vagina (arguing that such medical decisions are the role of government) and another […]

The notion that the Bible prohibits abortion is more recent than the invention of the Happy Meal.

In 1968, Christianity Today (Billy Graham’s magazine) pointed out that Leviticus 24:17 commands capital punishment for murder, but Exodus 21:22–24 lays out a specific scenario under which, if a fetus is killed, the offender must pay a fine to her husband. The author concluded that, according to the Bible, a fetus does not have a […]

Links for September 20th

Ars Technica: Patent trolls have cost innovators half a trillion dollarsA study by some Boston University researchers have found that, from publicly traded companies alone, $500B has been spent on paying off patent extortionists. That's a quarter of all U.S. R&D expenses, wasted. If we want to get serious about reducing the cost of doing […]

McDonnell’s getting squeamish about abortion.

Bob McDonnell is getting awfully squeamish about Sen. Creigh Deeds bringing up the topic of abortion, and rightly so. As The Washington Post points out in an editorial today, McDonnell has dedicated much of his career to restricting access to abortion, contraceptives, and even information about contraceptives. McDonnell has fled to the center of the […]