VQR nabs an Ellie.

VQR won the single-topic issue category at the National Magazine Awards tonight for our South America issue released last fall. We were also nominated for General Excellence (fourth year running) and Photojournalism. In the latter category we were beat out by National Geographic, which is a pretty great magazine to lose to in that arena. […]

How massive resistance ended over Harry Byrd’s wishes.

Orange County native Lindsay Almond was elected governor of Virginia against Harry Byrd’s wishes in 1957. Byrd had eliminated five statewide seats, winnowing the number down to the three we know today, in order to make it easier for him to control the outcome of the elections. (I wonder what those five seats were, and […]

“Browbeaten By Humpty Dumpty, Or Quitting the Liberal Label”

From the Autumn 1976 VQR: The joy of being a liberal is in thinking and judging an issue for yourself—and then speaking out. As long as you will do that, you have some claim to the honored label. The danger of decay in liberalism is greatest when the response of the liberal to the issues […]

VQR talk in the Rotunda this evening.

Tonight VQR is holding an event to promote our new issue. We have four contributors to the South American themed issue speaking in the Dome Room of the UVa Rotunda at 7pm. We’ll also screen a pair of eight-minute documentaries, basically film versions of a pair of the articles, that were created in collaboration with […]

VQR on Chiquita’s support of terrorists.

With Tuesday’s news that Chiquita will pay a $25M fine for providing millions of dollars in aid to Colombian terrorist group FARC, suddenly VQR’s forthcoming fall issue, dedicated entirely to South American issues, looks downright prescient. To that end, we’ve just posted publicly a history of Chiquita’s practices of of running cocaine on their freighters […]