Autism/vaccine study authors faked results.

The three researchers behind the 1998 link between vaccines and autism are charged with deliberately skewing the results of their research, the Times of London writes. The paper re-researched the study—based on just eight children—and found that the authors deliberately ignored the data that showed that there was no connection, which is to say they […]

1B pairs of glasses for the global poor.

Professor Josh Silver invented fluid-based glasses that can have their prescription adjusted by the wearer, and 30,000 pairs have already been provided in 15 of the world’s poorest nations. But he’s thinking much bigger—Silver wants his brilliant invention on the heads of one billion people by 2020. This would fundamentally change the lives of millions […]

On “On the Origin of Species.”

Biologists aren’t reading “On the Origin of Species”? That’s a shame—it’s a really interesting, really enjoyable book. Charles Darwin walks you right through his thinking, so that you can appreciate anew what now seems obvious. If evolution is a topic in which you’re at all interested, add this to your reading list. Or, if you […]