Bush campaign fundraising FAQ.

These are honest-to-god frequently asked questions, from a memo that the Bush campaign sent to their New York fundraisers: Q: Can I use my personal aircraft for campaign business? A: No, you may not use your personal aircraft for campaign business. Corporate aircraft may be used, but only if each person boarding the plane pays […]

White House tailspin.

Scott McClellan’s White House press briefing today was quite nasty. Virtually the entire 45-minute Q&A session was about the White House leak of the identity of a CIA operative, with the reporters asking the tough (and obvious) questions and McClellan squirming, obviously under strict orders to limit his statements within some pretty narrow confines. The […]


“My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” -President Ronald Reagan, radio address, unaware that the broadcast had begun.

Matricardi fingers Republican leadership.

Former executive director of the Virginia Republican Party Ed Matricardi has fingered Republican leaders in the ongoing eavesdropping scandal. Matricardi didn’t just name former party chairman Gary Thompson, but also House Speaker Vance Wilkins (who resigned in disgrace earlier this year), Wilkins’ chief of staff Claudia Tucker (resigned in disgrace; pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor), […]

Hot air control.

Senator Don Young (R-Alaska) is on board with the White House’s plan to privatize air traffic control. Except for two airports in Alaska, which he had struck from the list of affected airports. Why? “My hotel room is on the top floor of the Sheraton, and the airplanes take right off towards my hotel room. […]

Roanoke gets WiFi.

I’ve been pushing Charlottesville to set up 802.11x-based wireless Internet access throughout downtown for two years ago. I started off attempting to set it up as a private venture, but it became obvious that it would be difficult to do without cooperation from the city. (Additionally, I knew that it wouldn’t do me any good […]

$1.5B missing, every month.

The war in Iraq costs $4B each month. The funny thing is that the White House can only account for $2.5B of that — they just can’t figure out what the other $1.5B is being spent on. And Bush wants another $87B? Says Ted Kennedy of the war, “‘There was no imminent threat. This was […]

C’ville Dems defining who they are.

Tuesday night, at 7pm, the Charlottesville Democrats are meeting at Buford Middle School to discuss developing a Statement of Principles. Currently, party has no platform, no agenda, no stated purpose. As I wrote in my suggested changes to the Charlottesville Democratic Party back in May: “Charlottesville Democrats have no stated mission, no specified common beliefs, […]

Raise taxes.

The Roanoke Times’ Friday editorial called for the General Assembly to raise taxes. That’s a first for a major Virginia newspaper, to my knowledge. It’s amazing that it’s taken this long. To anybody that’s taken anything more than a cursory glance at the state budget, it’s obvious that the state requires a baseline level of […]