It’s a start.

The Virginia Democrats have replaced their terrible website with a much-less ugly website. It hasn’t gained a great deal in functionality, they have the URLs of death (ie, — caps, underscores, exposed filename extensions; to be fair, they’re not nearly as terrible as URLs on the City of Charlottesville’s website, which consists entirely of […]

Blog for the Fifth.

I launched a blog for the Al Weed 2004 site this evening. We’ve got somebody to serve as the editor, a bunch of volunteers that will be blogging from the campaign trail, and the candidate himself, of course, will be blogging. For a campaign of the scale of U.S. Congress, having a blog isn’t just […]

Untier, not a divider.

Remember President Bush’s campaign promises about bipartisanship? He said over and over again that he would be a “uniter, not a divider,” and that he would “bring Republicans and Democrats together.” As if it wasn’t already sufficiently clear that these promises were meaningless, he’s tossed out bipartisanship out the window more completely than any president, […]

Less suck for C’ville Dems.

I made the Charlottesville Democrats website suck less this week. As it has been, it’s still extremely simplistic in terms of content, but it’s a lot less ugly now. I bit the bullet and created the whole thing in XHTML, using fully standards-compliant CSS and HTML. It’s the first time that I’ve developed a site […]

In Rerras we trust.

When I’ve said that the freshmen Republican legislators in Richmond are insane, it’s guys like Senator Nick Rerras that I’m talking about. Rerras is an extremely conservative Christian that looks to enforce his beliefs upon the whole of the state — a theme that should be familiar to those that follow Virginia politics. He’s running […]

I’m shocked — shocked — that gambling is going on in this establishment!”

“Executives, employees and political action committees of the 70 companies that received government contracts for work in either Iraq or Afghanistan contributed slightly more than $500,000 to President Bush’s 2000 election campaign, according to a comprehensive study of the contracts released on Tuesday…. [T]hey gave more money to Mr. Bush than any other politician in […]

Proper Al Weed site.

I’ve launched a semi-proper website for Al Weed, on whose Congressional campaign (Virginia’s 5th District) I’m working. I say “semi-proper” because there’s a lot more content that needs to go up, but it’s a good start. It’s important that we get Democrats in the House of Representatives in November 2004, to take some power back […]

Please, sir, can I have some more?

At gatherings of Democrats, I have often seen people proudly declare themselves to be “yellow dog Democrats.” This is a term that dates back to the 1920s, and is part of the larger phrase “I’d vote for a yellow dog if he ran on the Democratic ticket.” I cringe every time that I hear somebody […]

We’re doomed.

In one of my classes today, with roughly 45 students in attendance (mostly third- and fourth-years), the teacher took a survey: how many students would be voting in the upcoming election? Less than half of the students raised their hands. The teacher asked them why, and nobody could say why. They just weren’t. We are […]