Column done.

Phew. I just wrapped up my July Campaigns & Elections column. It’s a surprisingly large amount of work to produce 425 words once a month. (Actually, there are just ten issues a year. I cannot even guess in which two months I’m not expected to produce a column.) I can toss out a 425 word […]

“For the Record” interview.

Today I got to do something a bit unusual: I was interviewed for PBS’ “For the Record,” a nationally-syndicated half-hour show produced right here in Charlottesville, by WHTJ and The Miller Center. Thanks to The Miller Center’s amazing lineup of regular speakers (don’t miss Francis Fukuyama, who will be there on the 22nd), “For the […]


I’m leaving in the morning for a long weekend in North Carolina’s Outer Banks: Corolla, NC, where Amber and I were married last September. (Though the house we’ll be in is a wee bit smaller this time around.) We’ll be back late Tuesday afternoon. I’m feeling a bit impish: I’ve written a pair of blog […]

5 things I’ve learned in the past 24 hours.

Projectile vomiting, while horrible, is pretty spectacular. I must never, ever take Vicodin again. Theraflu is both a vile concoction and quite effective. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is either much better or a great deal worse when totally wasted on narcotics. I won’t know which unless I see it again. Flu is made […]