Getting There

Two exams aced; two exams and one paper to go. I’m out of food; time to go grocery-shopping. I’m going to write my shopping list on an unlabeled diagram of the human heart, and consult each at the beginning of each aisle. That way, my time won’t be entirely wasted.

Crunch Time

It’s exam time, as of Wednesday night. E-mail, call me, bang on my door…I don’t care; I’m not coming out until May 5th. If you’re waiting on me for something, then you’ll have to keep right on waiting. And remember, kids: the distal convoluted tubule comes after the proximal convoluted tubule, but before the collecting […]

Bus Boy

Last fall, I filmed a commercial for Charlottesville Transit Services for local TV, and I’m told that it started airing last week. The filming was a laid-back affair; I was there for about an hour, sitting on an idling bus with some local notables playing the role of the bus passengers and a cool firefighter/part […]

Rainy C&O Night

I had dinner with Max at C&O, and saw Manifest folks Tim and Amy there. Walking home, it was misting out. Just enough that I was aware of the thickness of the moisture in the air. Walking by trees, I could hear the tree raining, as water condensed on the leaves and rolled off in […]

Visiting Wirelessly

Max is in town. We went out to Miller’s with Gretchen and a droll friend of her’s that was nice. Gretchen told me that Paul Casey (MP3: “I Do”) will be in town in early May, which is really exciting. It’s too bad that’s exam week for me. I got an 802.11b card for my […]

Instantly Worthless

Just about every time that I set iChat to “Available,” some fool sends me an instant message that reads, simply, “hi.” I’ve given my screen name to something like 12 people in the six months that I’ve been using instant messaging, so I don’t know how that people get it. I ignore them, and they […]

College Alternative

On the chance that I don’t get into any of the colleges that I applied to, I figure that I still need to get educated. I get the feeling that just reading Stephen Wolfram‘s “A New Kind of Science” would suffice. This book rolls up evolutionary biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and a new way of […]

The big city.

Max, Patrick and I went to New York City this week. We left on Monday afternoon, driving up to DC and taking the train to NYC. We stayed at Washington Square Hotel about a block from NYU, just north of Houston Street. On the first night, we met up with our friend Dario (an NYU […]