Mo’ bettah dems.

I made suck less. We (the Charlottesville Democrats) have had a really crude site for a while, but I just discovered it about six weeks ago. I promptly purchased and set up the domain, and I spent a bit of time Friday night and a little more today setting up a basic site […]

23 and so tired of life.

It’s Max‘s birthday. He’s 23. A whole mess of us met up at his place and went out drinking. I bailed early, when we were at Escafé, because I’ve got work to do here at home. Happy birthday, Max.


Some troglodytic cretin sent me a thinly-veiled threat today regarding’s tablature, apparently having mistaken me for somebody so stupid that I don’t understand copyright or fair use: From: “David Hall” <> To: “Waldo Jaquith” Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 3:31:50 PM US/Eastern Dear Waldo: It has come to our attention that you have been […]

All done.

I took my final final exam this evening, in biology lecture. I made the mistake of checking out my grade on last week’s biology exam beforehand, and was shocked to find that I got a B. I knew that material cold. I’ll be going in to review it tomorrow, as I should like very much […]

Blacksburg Living

I’ve been checking out apartments and houses in and around Blacksburg. If I have to live in a place like Pointe West Properties or Foxridge Apartment Homes, sweet lord, kill me now. These are places with volleyball courts, that claim to be in a “majestic countryside setting,” places where happy students congregate at the complex’s […]

UVa: 3, Waldo: 0

I applied to colleges in February, and I got the only two letters of note today. UVa declined me, Virginia Tech accepted me. This being the third time, you’d think I’d be used to UVa turning me down by now. It’s plain that they don’t want me, so I guess I’ll call it quits. That […]

I’m so confused.

My cable provider has renumbered the stations. 47 is not CNN Headline News, but Discovery. 16 isn’t TBS, but the Home Shopping Network. The Weather Channel has moved from 48 to 27. I’m so confused. There are all kinds of new networks — TVJPN, RAI, ZEETV, FIL — that feature shows called things like “Kumasta […]

2 down, 2 to go.

One more exam down tonight — biology lecture, the first of two exams. One exam and one paper to go. I’m quite confident that I got an A on tonight’s exam, in no small part due to having spent the entire (beautiful) weekend inside, studying. 10 page paper for Friday. Exam on Monday. Then I’m […]