Come to the annual Albemarle Democrats BBQ.

All you local Democrats (and surely even those of you not of the Democratic persuasion and, hey, even those of y’all not local) are encouraged to attend the annual Albemarle Democratic BBQ at Ash Lawn this Sunday. It’s from 3pm-7pm. There’s always music, speechifying, and genuinely good food. Admission is $20, $5 for kids, and […]

Irony, thy name is anti-tax Republican.

Anti-tax Republicans hold community meeting in new firehouse, complain that firehouse has wasteful features like the community meeting space. Impressively, this fire house was built to stand for 100 years. I once asked one of the heads of a major hospital about how long their new construction was designed to last for. He said that […]

Come see Del. Bob Brink in C’ville Tuesday night.

We’ve put together a pretty great Left of Center forum for Tuesday night, with the topic of transportation. Del. Bob Brink is driving clear to C’ville to talk about what just happened—or, rather, didn’t—in the special transportation session. Bob is both refreshingly frank and bitingly funny, so I’m really looking forward to his remarks. And […]

C’ville water forum on Tuesday.

I’ve helped put together a forum about the Charlottesville and Albemarle water situation for the evening of Tuesday the 10th. It’s Left of Center‘s monthly meeting, and we’ll have Charlottesville Tomorrow executive director Brian Wheeler, C’ville TJS&WCD representative Rich Collins, and Artisan Construction owner Doug Lowe (builder and owner of the area’s only LEED Platinum […]

Instantish aggregator updates.

If you want your blog entries to be (almost) immediately syndicated on Virginia Political Blogs, set your blogging software’s list of “update services” to include Ditto for Charlottesville Blogs, at Your blogging software may not support update services, in which case you’ll just have to wait for my software to get around to […]