Paul Casey at Starr Hill.

One of my favorite musicians, Paul Casey, is playing at Starr Hill on Saturday night, at their Emerging Artist Showcase. Just $5 to get in. And it ain’t often that Paul comes over from Ireland, so any Charlottesvillians that pass this up had best have a real good excuse.

This year’s remodel.

Great dance party at Live Arts last night. J Pinkerton & DJ Aquaboy, a few hundred people, and some fairly good music. The lights weren’t working, which dampened the mood considerably, but most people didn’t appear to mind. I only stayed from midnight until around 1:30.

Historic signs and water conservation.

Continuing my string of appearances at each City Council meeting [1, 2], presenting two ideas to improve the city for $10,000 or less, I spoke this evening to describe two admittedly-small ideas. Preserve Commercial Art In our efforts to preserve the character of the downtown historic district, it is important that we not overlook some …

Suggested changes to the Charlottesville Democratic Party.

Be Welcoming It is the great lament of the Charlottesville Democrats — as well it ought to be — that minority involvement in the party is far from representational of the city’s population. Many methods of determining the source of this problem have been suggested, though few of them have been attempted. A glance around …

No Way.

In Brian Wimer’s article on — an extensive piece about recent anti-war efforts in Charlottesville — he asks former state delegate Peter Way (a Republican) what he thinks about City Council’s anti-war resolution. He replies: “The City Council of Charlottesville are pigs. They’ll do anything to promote liberalism.” I’d like to state, for the …


The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Charlottesville. It’s raining like a bastard out. Between this and the earthquake this week, it is plain that the apocalypse is upon us.