Tuesday’s LoC meeting topic: Remote Area Medical.

Tuesday night’s Left of Center meeting is about a group named “Remote Area Medical,” and Jennifer McKeever and I are putting it on. You might remember my lengthy 2006 blog entry about indigent dental care in Virginia, in which I wrote about a huge medical fair, and for which I interviewed Terry Dickinson from the […]

A history of Three Chopt Road.

I’ve driven the length of Route 250 in Virginia, and often noted its frequent intersections with the meandering Three Chopt Road. Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall and Main Street used to be that road. As a kid I learned—who knows where?—that it used to be an American Indian footpath, built up over the years. So I was […]

Left of Center: Reforming Virginia elections.

February’s Left of Center meeting is tomorrow (Tuesday) night at Rapture, 7:00 PM: After last year’s historic voter participation, what is being done to ensure that every vote is counted and make voting more accessible to everyone, particularly students and people convicted of felonies? Amongst the many pieces of legislation that are being considered during […]

Albemarle’s useless DUI checkpoint.

DUI police checkpoints aren’t just unconstitutional, they’re also ineffective. Albemarle’s stopped 545 vehicles last night, and found two people who above the limit. That’s a 0.3% success rate making it, by any rationale, a total waste of time. More effective? Watch the cars go by and pull over the people who are driving badly. That […]

On Monday night, learn how Tom Perriello won.

On Monday, Left of Center’s monthly meeting is all about how Tom Perriello managed to unseat Virgil Goode: Left of Center Jan. 5 Event: How Perriello Won When: Monday, Jan. 5, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Where: Rapture, Downtown Mall A Left of Center speaker panel will discuss how Virginia’s 5th District Congressman-Elect Tom Perriello pulled […]

Pruning real estate blogs from Charlottesville Blogs.

A note for Charlottesville readers. Due to popular demand, and my own annoyance, I’m removing some of the horrible real estate blogs from Charlottesville Blogs. Most of them are just ads, and totally dishonest ads, at that. (All of your listings are “gems”? Really?) They’re of no possible interest to anybody who lives in Charlottesville. […]

Democrat weighing a challenge to Del. Bell.

Speaking of Del. Bell’s district being majority-Democrat now, it’s now public that Albemarle BoS member David Slutzky is weighing a run against Bell. Given Bell’s $406k cash on hand, this is a race that would require being the top priority for the DPVA/House Democratic Caucus, or a really wealthy sugardaddy or two, willing to put […]

The 58th’s move leftward.

I live in Del. Rob Bell’s district, the 58th, and I’ve been keeping an eye on the voting trends here. Perriello defeated Goode in this district by 25,826 votes to 20,996 votes, or with 55% of the vote. (Note that Orange County is not in the 5th Congressional District, so I substituted the presidential numbers […]