Snow day.

Although it snows here in Blacksburg pretty regularly, I’ve lived here for a brief enough time that I’m impressed by the 5″ that’s fallen today. It’s only 12° out, so none of the melting chemicals on the roads are having any effect. Another inch or so is slated to fall tonight and then, tomorrow, it’ll …


In the winter, it seems to snow every day or two here in Blacksburg, at least a little. It snowed yesterday morning, and it snowed again early this morning. Just enough to dust everything white, in odd little stripy clumps, as if a ticker-tape parade had just gone through town, only I missed it.

Those bright old college days.

My neighbor must have returned from vacation. I can tell by the way that it feels like an unbalanced washing machine is marching its way across my floor. Thankfully, I’m no longer limited by my own selection of retaliation music — I have GarageBand, and I know how to use it.