We’ve been working a lot

We’ve been working a lot on cvillemusic.com. Like, a whole lot. Many late nights of developing mySQL and PHP. But after 14 months of work, it’s actually starting to look (and function) really good. But now we have to be cautious not to rush to the finish line and end up with a poor product. […]

In Wired Again.

As if Friday hadn’t been enough, I’m in Wired again. This time, the print version 7.09, the September issue. Actually, it’s just a little letter to the editor. The funny thing is that it doesn’t really apply anymore. The letter, which is about digital phone service, was written a couple of months ago, when I […]

So, Max was going to

So, Max was going to EBay‘s site this morning, and it didn’t come up. He asked me to try. It didn’t work. I did a traceroute, and it pretty much spun out after it got past ebay-2-gw.customer.alter.net. The next machine identified itself as “”. That didn’t look right. So I did a whois on ARIN‘s […]

New Waldo.Net.

Wow, a new Waldo.Net! The old design was put up in January of 1998, 19 months ago, and it looked it. Rather than continue upkeep, I let it go to pot for a bit. Now it looks better than ever, IMHO. This is a preliminary version, run on a WinNT server. (Blech.) Soon, it’ll all […]

I’ve started on Apptrail Journal

I’ve started on Apptrail Journal v2.0. As some of you may have noticed, I went up to v1.1 recently, touching up some of the errors and such on the original site. Without changing any of the text, WAM!design is going to re-create the site. We’ll be creating a database to store all of the text, […]