Although I started on it

Although I started on it a few weeks ago, I figured I should toss up a link to my Why I Hate SunCom webpage. I’ve found AT&T’s SunCom to be the worst mobile provider that I’ve ever used, and possibly ever heard of. Fortunately, it’s kind of funny to read over some of the nonsense […]

I’ve added a story that

I’ve added a story that I wrote a while ago, entitled "Devolution". I know that fiction hasn’t appeared here before, and I run the risk of entering Tool territory by adding it. Oh, well. The Virginia National Bank page is a bit weird, I’ll admit. I do all of my business and personal banking at […]

Decided that you want to

Decided that you want to get on the whole Linux IPO bandwagon? Missed the RedHat and VA Linux IPOs, but considering investing in The Next Big Linux Thing? Well, that might not be a bad idea, but don’t be fooled by LinuxOne. This company, with no income, no unique product, and no history, has just […]

So I get this letter.

So I get this letter. It’s addressed to me at my office. I open it and find this nice-looking vellum invitation. “John T. Casteen III, President, University of Virginia, invites you to e-summit@virginia. Power, Safety, and Happiness in the Virtual World. An exploration of the role of the Internet in a Jeffersonian democracy. November 11-13, […]

The Angle.

The Angle, a University of Virginia (which is here in C’ville, for those who don’t know) on-line publication, apparently ran a story on local music that quoted me. It was in there nearly a year ago — and I just got my very first hit on Waldo.Net as a result. Popular piece. Anyhow, check out […]

Wow, what a cool trip.

Wow, what a cool trip. Because I used a film-based camera, I have to wait to get the film developed. Also, I didn’t carry a laptop this time, so I have to type this stuff in. It’s so much easier to just carry a computer. Anyhow, for the impatient, I didn’t get all the way […]

I left at noon to

I left at noon to hike from the Hudson River to the Connecticut border along the AT. I’ll have my journal updated when I get back Tuesday, and I’ll also unveil a new databased journal system. It kicks ass. :)

Well, I’ve switched this site

Well, I’ve switched this site over to the new server. It was over at Community Computing, on an NT box. Although the hosting situation was great, I certainly don’t feel at home on Windows. So I switched over to my Linux box here at WAM!, which seems to be going well. still goes to […]