How random is this? It’s

How random is this? It’s a mention of me, as best I can tell, in the Romanian version of Computerworld. Anybody read Romanian? I’ve found some other randomish links. One about the Forbes interview, and that’s also in Romanian (Scroll down ’til you see my name, and continue to see my name appear in the […]

In Wired.

Wow, it looks like I haven’t touched my site for a while, based on the dates on here. But, in reality, I’ve just been updating my cphack page. Anyhow, I’ve got a mention and a little quote in Wired. It’s in Elisa Batista’s 2nd-ever article for Wired, "Vendors Overwhelmed by ‘Love’." (Top of the 2nd […]

Eddy Jansson and Matthews Skala’s

Eddy Jansson and Matthews Skala’s cphack program, which exposes the serious problems in Mattel‘s CyberPatrol censorware program, is being cut off. Mattel has filed a federal lawsuit to get the website shut down. So some of us have started to mirror that website in order to keep the program and the information out there. Mattel […]

We’ve changed the name of

We’ve changed the name of WAM!design. Now we’re Munk & Phyber. I like it. And it’s not as restraining, image-wise, as WAM!design. Including "design" in the name made people think that we only do design. (I pointed this out to my mother, who said "you do more than design?") Also, WAM!NET probably won’t sue us […]

So, I went out to

So, I went out to try and rain on Microsoft’s parade today, as it’s their big release date for Windows 2000. At FeO2 last night, we made a whole mess of RedHat 6.1 discs and printed up liner notes and handbills, as well. We figured we’d go to the stores here in Charlottesville that would […]

There’s this company,, that

There’s this company,, that lets people attach advertisements to their outgoing e-mail as a way of making money. That way, other people — presumably friends and family — are subjected to ads so that their supposed friend can make money. This smacks of Tupperware parties and Amway. So a little note: If anybody, good […]

It’s snowing! Here in Virginia,

It’s snowing! Here in Virginia, the last few winters have been awful. Some weeks were downright balmy, and snow has been something to be seen on television, not outside of the window. Well, it snowed last week, just a few inches, and this morning I woke to find 6″ of snow on the ground. This […]

If you’re not familiar with

If you’re not familiar with the DeCSS situation, here’s a rundown. The Motion Picture Association of America is upset because a bunch of hackers figured out how to play DVDs on their computers. They wrote a program to play DVDs on a computer. DVDs, for which the consumer has payed. Nothing illegal, no piracy, nothing. […]