CueCat is bad news.

Brian Ristuccia has analysed the output of the CueCat (advertising barcode scanner, packed with recent issues of Forbes and free at Radio Shack), and it’s got some bad mojo. As he explained on Slashdot, everytime that you scan a barcode, it broadcasts the serial number of the CueCat that you own. When you get your […]

Get Antivore and be secure from FBI snooping.

My friend Sean and his company, ChainMail, are in Wired today. They’ve launched their secure e-mail app, Mithril, and re-branded it as Antivore. (Get it? The antidote to the FBI’s Carnivore?) These guys been working for ages on Antivore, and I gather it’s pretty damned incredible. They’ve released it as an open-source program, which is […]

On Digimarc’s MediaBridge: Skip it. It sucks.

So I’m beta testing Digimarc‘s new MediaBridge software. They sent me a little 3Com camera and everything. The good news? Free camera. The bad news? MediaBridge is totally lame. The idea is that you hook this camera up to your USB port and put it on your monitor. Then, when you see an ad in […]

Went to the COPA Commission hearing. Here’s what I saw.

I spent yesterday in Richmond (motto: “Armpit of Virginia”) at the morning’s sessions for the COPA Commission. The hearings are actually still going on today, for a total of a day and a half of testimony and eight panels. Because I have to work, I could only go for the first two panels, "Client Side […]

Just for kicks, I took

Just for kicks, I took an extremist position and replied to “Pitch Your Tent and Log On" (yeah, half of you know where this is going, don’t you?) explaining that individuals that bring their own technology (GPS, laptop, whatever) into the great outdoors aren’t missing out on anything. They’re just people that treat technologically- advanced […]

I don’t speak Estonian, but

I don’t speak Estonian, but it’s clear that I’m somebody’s hero. The acceptance standards don’t look too tough, and I know that I’ve certainly done nothing heroic, but it’s still nice. I don’t think that I’ve ever been considered a hero by anybody.

There’s an essay up at

There’s an essay up at Freshmeat by David Burley from Marblehorse that’s a result of a comment that I made in response to a previous essay, Jacob Moorman’s "The Importance of Non-Developer Supporters in Free Software." Burley’s essay, "Inroads to Free Software Development," is about the challenges of non-developers getting involved with free software. Although […]