Bush: The Internet kills.

“Columbine spoke to a larger issue, and it’s really a matter of culture. It’s a culture that somewhere along the line we begun to disrespect life, where a child can walk in and have their heart turn dark as a result of being on the Internet, and walk in and decide to take somebody else’s […]

Friend of the dead.

Since I work too much (as I’m frequently told), I decided that I’d leave work at 6pm this evening and spend the night on the Downtown Mall, socializing with the thousands of people that descend on it every Friday night. I walked the length of the Mall a couple of times, seeing almost nobody that […]

Ancient Chinese secret.

This afternoon I called Peking, a Chinese restaurant just a few blocks from my office, to order General Tso’s Chicken. Looking over a menu that had come with some past order, I settled on General Tso’s Chicken. Not quite sure of how to pronounce “Tso’s,” I figured that I’d use the number next to it. […]

VH1 Music Award? For moi?

nancies.org, a site that I work on with a bunch of other folks, has been nominated for a VH1 Music Award in the "Coolest Fan Web Site" category. This is exciting, and definitely moving towards our goal of running the single-best band site on the web. What’s a bummer is that we’ve been working so […]

Illegal CueCat code.

#! /usr/bin/perl -n  printf “%s %s %sn”,  map {     tr/a-zA-Z0-9+-/ -_/;     $_ = unpack ‘u’, chr(32 + length()*3/4) . $_;     s/   $_ ^= “C” x length;  } /.([^.]+)/g;

Saw Barry Steinhardt last night.

Last night, Amber and I went to see The ACLU‘s Associate Director, Barry Steinhardt speak at UVa. (He’s also served as president of the EFF.) He was speaking, as you might expect, on Internet freedoms, specifically on privacy. I’ve been going on about privacy for years now, so it’s really great to sit and listen […]

I made the Fantasy Karma Whore team.

I’m so excited. For being an absolute karma whore on Slashdot (I’m not ashamed to admit it), I’ve been made an available team member on Fantasy Karma Whore. The idea is for people to target me as a person to moderate down, because my posts are so often ranked as among the highest-quality posts on […]

It’s Autumnish.

It got cold this week. I left for work one morning, and as soon as I got outside, I realized that my shorts and t-shirt wouldn’t suffice. Assuming that this was just a freak incident, I dressed similarly the next morning, with similar results. At that point, I started checking the weather in the morning […]