Greene County Republicans call for armed overthrow of the government.

In the March issue of their newsletter, a “Whitehouse [sic] Watchdog” column signed by newsletter editor Ponch McPhee concludes by declaring that “we shall not have any coarse [sic] but armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November.” (It’s on page 7 of the PDF.) “Treason” is the word that we use for that, right? 

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13 replies on “Greene County Republicans call for armed overthrow of the government.”

  1. This is so stupid. Their defense is now, “we meant armed with votes” or “armed with voices” which doesn’t make any sense. At fucking all.

    This is pathetic, and whoever wrote it (or let it be sent it) out should “step down” from membership. Let it be known that I’m against this type of rhetoric from whomever it comes,.

    I don’t like Obama’s policies (and frankly, have come to dislike him personally over these past 3 years), and think his reelection would be a disaster for the country, but “armed revolution”??? WTF? We’ve survived worse than Obama, and a 2nd term won’t mean the end of our republic.

  2. Why, exactly is this little rooster, Ponch Keith McPhee provided a radio program on the UVA radio station WTJU?

  3. “Coarse” of action seems to cover the entire letter in so many ways

  4. Here’s their statement—if you can call it that—on their website:

    all this rip roar Media hype….. is all about…..being armed with the voices of We the people… must arm yourself with a spoken word to be heard ~ just as the founding fathers spoke out during the revolution……So, Yes, arm yourself with many voices for the people and by the people….as your constitution allows….should the vote fail ….this November or at anytime……

    ~ Being Armed with Your Voices of We The People is The Only Way if Any Vote Should Fail No Matter Who You Vote for ~

    ” your voice being heard is the best method ”

    ~ God Bless America ~

    That’s printed in randomly assigned red and blue colors, by the way.

    This statement is total bullshit. No reasonable person reading this would a) believe it or b) believe that this is what the Greene County Republican Party believes. It’s embarrassing to read, because you know that, somewhere in Greene County, somebody is congratulating himself on his brilliant riposte.

    Really, what’s worse than calling for the armed overthrow of the government because you lost an election is doing so and then pretending you didn’t. These guys talk tough, but in the end, they’re just a bunch of pathetic old white men playing dress-up in tri-corner hats.

  5. I’m reminded of a dismissive reference from my high school years: “He talks tough, but he couldn’t take his baby sister.”

  6. The reason I copied and pasted the Greene County Republican Party’s statement was because I had a feeling it wouldn’t last long. It didn’t—it’s gone from their site now. I suspect that some grownups stepped in, like the RNC or the RPV, or perhaps an attorney who explained that the Secret Service isn’t going to buy such a stupid explanation.

  7. Yup, they should just push for recall elections like Wisconsin is doing for every race someone loses.

  8. That new response wasn’t up when I wrote that comment. It’s better, certainly, but that “perhaps the author was borrowing from Thomas Jefferson” business is just bullshit. Perhaps? Just ask the guy. Also, Thomas Jefferson actually overthrew a government, while the Greene County Republicans are unlikely to overthrow anything more substantial than a softball. They need to understand that it’s not OK to threaten to overthrow a government violently, but it’s OK to have already overthrown a government violently, because history is written by the victors.

  9. Attention comfortably sane people: This kind of incitement to violence is very common. I get a recruitment pitch to join a “militia” at least twice a year. Typically there is a core group of silver-tongued, hard-right wingnuts with more money/time than sense, they organize a group of malcontent substance abusers who see no self-connection in their decent to loserville. I believe the shrinks refer to it as co-dependency. The most dangerous ones could never have strung together McPhee’s sentences – but they love the poetry of being recruited for “the revolution”. Their miserable lives finally have purpose. The solution is to raise the stakes for the McPhee’s of the world to the point where they sober up; and keep an eye on the minion. Law enforcement is playing catch up, there has been a 4-fold increase rightwing hate groups since the election of the negro President. So if you run into a loose one I suggest you apply rattlesnake hunt procedures – avoid, never turn your back, and understand that there may be no negotiating. There are a bunch of well-armed, self-medicated dead-enders walking the land of the free. Be prepared.

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