The AP demonstrates how to point out an untruth.

I have recently been lamenting the media’s habit of allowing subjects’ false statements to stand, without challenge. This morning I spotted a great example of the right way to handle this, in a story about Mitt Romney from the AP’s Kasie Hunt: “‘I will never apologize for America,’ Romney says often—suggesting that Obama has done just that, even though the president hasn’t.” Simple and to the point. 

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4 replies on “The AP demonstrates how to point out an untruth.”

  1. Is there yet one more Mitt Romney? You know, not a square goober Romney. The guy is 100% phoney. And so are his statements.

  2. OK, so it’s technically untrue. But when he finds it so satisfying, how can you expect him to resist?

  3. moreover, how you can expect him to process, within his brain, the complexity of the actual statement? much easier to check first to find out what Rush said Obama said, and then go with that.

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