List of the most common U.S. place names.

The ten most common place names in the country are, in descending order of frequency, Greenville (49), Franklin (30), Clinton (29), Springfield (28), Salem (25), Fairview (24), Washington (24), Madison (23), Georgetown (22), and Arlington (21). Hawaii is the only state without a Greenville. 

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8 replies on “List of the most common U.S. place names.”

  1. This is great! Years ago I went through the index of a road atlas and counted Springfields in a huge number of states, and concluded it must be the most common name. I did not expect tos ee Greenville at the top of this list!

  2. I remember having heard many years ago that there is a “Springfield” in every state in the Union.

  3. Can we get a contest going to visit all the Greenvilles like the “Visit Every Virginia County”?

  4. The car guys had something on this a few years ago. I’m sure they said “Midway” was the winner. Maybe “Midway” isn’t big enough to be a town. But they don’t talk about counties. I believe that Montgomery was the most common. Madison was close behind. Probably Washington and Jefferson made the short list. Another thing somewhat related I always found surprising is that way back when we were naming states why were so many named after Indians or Indian words, considering people back then had such a low opinion of them. Was it a way to relieve guilt for stealing their land?

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