Links for May 22nd

  • Wikipedia: List of predicted dates of the end of the world
    I'm pretty sure none of them worked out.
  • New York: The Elephant in the Green Room
    The conditions under which Glenn Beck left Fox News turn out to be pretty fascinating. Roger Ailes brought Beck on to fire up the conservative base after their 2008 defeat, in an effort to make Barack Obama a one-term president. But then Beck said the things that Fox News’ viewers actually believe, but that Fox News is only supposed to imply. Beck's success brought about the Tea Party and, with it, the rise of room-temperature-IQ Republicans. It was time for damage control. It was time for Beck to go.
  • IEEE Spectrum: Lingodroid Robots Invent Their Own Spoken Language
    Australian computer scientist and artificial intelligence researcher Ruth Schultz has developed a pair of autonomous robots, outfitted with a camera, range finder, sonar, a microphone, and speakers. Then she gave them the concepts of linguistics and set them free. They developed a language to teach each other about the room that they're in, using words like "puga," "hiza," and "bula" to indicate direction, distance, and location.
  • Betsy Ross Homepage: What does the gold fringe on the flag represent?
    The use of gold fringe on the U.S. flag is decorative fluff, but the problem with it ends there. There are urban legends about what it means, many of them citing an executive order and then inventing text that's supposedly in it, but none of them are true.

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7 replies on “Links for May 22nd”

  1. “Beck’s success brought about the Tea Party and, with it, the rise of room-temperature-IQ Republicans.”

    Well, we *did* need some balance after the rise of the room-temperature-IQ folks who put Obama into office.

  2. @Publius: See Gallup poll re education aond 2008 voters; Excerpt: “Barack Obama leads John McCain by a significant margin among voters with the most education, but trails the likely Republican nominee among voters with the least formal education.”

    I would not go so far as to conclude that there is a correlation between IQ and education, but I’d like to believe one exists.

  3. “I am quite certain that a large majority of those folks registered due to ACORN activities –”

    [citation needed]

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