Claudia Tucker, Wilkins’ eavesdropper, is running for senate.

Claudia Tucker is running for state senate. Does that name ring a bell? RPV executive director Ed Matricardi fingered Tucker in the Republican eavesdropping scandal, back in 2003, rolling over on her and four other Republican leaders as having orchestrated and participated in the illegal monitoring of DPVA phone calls. (After serving prison time, Matricardi now tweets and runs a governmental public affairs consultancy, where he thoughtfully includes the RPV on his résumé.) Tucker—who was chief of staff for House Speaker Vance Wilkins—resigned in disgrace, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. Things didn’t turn out much better for Wilkins—he got caught paying $100k in hush money to cover up his fondness for sexual harassment, which ended his career.

With that stellar pedigree, Claudia Tucker has decided that the next step for her is state senate. Tyler Whitley asked if perhaps her background would be a problem:

“People remember all the good Vance did for the party,” she said. “His recruitment efforts helped make it the majority party in the House of Delegates.”

Yes, and the trains ran on time under Mussolini, too. (Actually, they didn’t.)

Let’s hope the good people of the 22nd Senate district—Louisans to Lynchburgers who likely have no idea that they’re in this new district—have the good sense to nominate one of the other four Republicans in the race.

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