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  • Does it seem like you've been dusting more throughout the last…er…century? The amount of dust suspended in the air has doubled in the past hundred years, a result of desertification in North Africa. The particles are blown clear across the Atlantic and deposited under our beds.
  • I've been enjoying this blog since it started, the premise of which is that the author has a new experience every day in an effort to make time appear to pass more slowly. (It's routine that can make your life feel like it's flying by.) He's gone to trapeze school, jumped from a moving car, learned some Swahili, and built a bird feeder, among other things. I'm only jealous I didn't think of this first.
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  • "There is no piece of dynamic AJAXy magic that requires beating the Web to a bloody pulp with a sharp-edged hashbang. Please stop doing it."

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  1. On the broken links article, I couldn’t help but notice a commenter with the name Mark Jaquith. I know him from and have been in contact with him regarding other things. You have to be related somehow, right?

  2. Mark and I haven’t quite figured out how we’re related, so we just stick with “cousin.” But, yes, we’re surely related, both via one of the long sequence of Abraham Jaquiths that descended from the Abraham who came to Massachusetts from the old world, later founding the town of Wilmington in 1665.

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