Well done, WSLS.

WSLS hosted a debate between Rep. Tom Perriello and challenger Robert Hurt this evening, and they deserve credit for how they did it. They simply tossed their six o’clock newscast out the window, and dedicated the entire time to having anchor Jay Warren question the two candidates. By airing it at that time, WSLS surely wound up with far more viewers than if they’d broadcast it in any other time slot. Good for them.

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2 replies on “Well done, WSLS.”

  1. I thought the format was awful. Who has a half-hour debate? Plus, there were 2 commercial breaks, so figuring in the introduction and sign-off from the moderator, really it was only about 20 minutes of actual talk.

    It all just seemed so rushed.

  2. I think you’re right about all of those criticisms. I don’t mean to say that it was a great format or anything of the sort. Just that WSLS deserves credit for devoting that time slot to a debate.

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