links for 2010-10-28

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4 replies on “links for 2010-10-28”

  1. When you have children of your own, feel free to encourage them to dress up like Lady Gaga and go beg strangers for candy. What authority do you have to tell other people to “lay off” their own kids, if those parents choose differently?

  2. Um. It’s a blog. Full of opinions. What with being the United States, I don’t need any authority to tell people anything—I just get to say stuff. You know, kind of of like you. (e.g. What authority do you have to tell me to dress my kids up like Lady Gaga?) Man, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?

  3. If it was just an opinion about Halloween safety, then the last line of the blog entry is a throwaway. Words mean things, and that sentence is a directive to parents.

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