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  1. The panic about the disappearance of Triceratops seems to be unfounded. From the New Scientist article: “Torosaurus will now be abolished as a species and specimens reassigned to Triceratops, says Horner.” Are there a lot of people with emotional attachment to Torosaurus?

  2. If Crow really wanted to help Tom out, she would’ve left this alone. Crow comes across as a meddling outsider, inserting her leftwing politics over a very minor thing. Perriello gets public support from an unashamed homewrecker — and voters are reminded that Crow and Perriello support Obama. Hurt ignores it all, and remains above the fray.


  3. Republican Robert Hurt, a state senator, lawyer and candidate for 5th Congressional District Representative illegally used copyrighted property in a recent campaign ad. Bob Hurt is breaking the law, and he hasn’t even gotten to D.C. yet. We don’t need Bob in Washington.

  4. Publius,

    So you agree with the theft of intellectual property? What if you were a computer programmer, and you came up with something really good, would you object to it being stolen and used without your permission?

    What does a person’s private life have to do with her right to her own property? Are you a thief? Do you regularly steal things from people and then use them?

    Just another example of you trying to explain away the behavior of a Republican with situational ethics and hogwash.

    What a trashy thing to do.

  5. Lots of campaigns use music that may or may not be licensed/approved.

    It seems like after the first couple of instances, ad people would have been aware.

    Good on Crow for standing up for her rights/property.

  6. It’s funny how “lots of campaigns” so frequently means Republican campaigns, isn’t it? Huckabee ripping off Boston’s “More Than A Felling,” McCain’s campaign ripping off Mellencamp….

    (Had no one at the McCain campaign ever listened to anything but the chorus for Pink Houses?)

  7. It’s funny how “lots of campaigns” so frequently means Republican campaigns, isn’t it?

    I wonder if it’s mostly Republican campaigns, or if it’s just the Republicans who get called out on it because their political ideology differs with the victimized rock star’s.

  8. I obviously couldn’t speak for all musicians and all campaigns. But Mellencamp not only gave his permission to Democratic candidates during the 2008 primary — he actually showed up on a few occasions to play his songs live.

  9. This is easy Jon. Republican candidates desperately need to appear hip, and relevant to the independents, so they rip the music of the liberal and creative artists. There is so much danger in going with the stylings of Trace Adkins – it appeals to the base, but opens the homoerotic romantic weak flank of the Party.

  10. Mark Brooks,

    1 – No, I didn’t say or even imply that stealing intellectual property was ok. I was dealing solely with the political ramifications of the incident.

    2 – The unauthorized use in question was extraordinarily minor in scope. If nothing else, intellectual property law is about scope of use and harm inflicted upon the rights holder. In this instance, Crow’s rights to the property were damaged to the smallest degree imaginable.

    3 – The violation was committed by the RPV, not by Hurt. Try to remember that. They are not one in the same. Will you willingly condemn every Democrat candidate for acts committed by the DPV?

    My comment was directed only at the effect this story would have on the campaign. That clearly went over your head. Go back to your reality TV.

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