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  1. Ditto Little Tavern burgers. They do not exist outside of Maryland. Actually, they may not exist in MD anymore either. Also the crab cakes are a damned farce in Virginia. And duckpin bowling. Nobody even knows what the hell it is down here.

  2. actually, jack, that’s not entirely true – the plaza bowl in richmond is a duckpin bowling alley (or was, when i used to live there). for a period of time about 10 years ago, we’d go there almost every friday.

  3. “Follow me around, I don’t care,” Hart was quoted as saying. “I’m serious. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They’d be very bored.”

    Homer’s Brain: Don’t you get it? You’ve gotta use reverse psychology.
    Homer: That sounds too complicated.
    Homer’s Brain: OK, don’t use reverse psychology.
    Homer: All right, I will!

  4. The best anything seafood-related you’ll ever have is going to come from New Orleans.

    Provided, you know, the water’s clean enough to fish for it in the coming years….

  5. Hrm. I spent the first years of my life in Hawai’i, where we had “shave ice.” A weekly treat after the beach, I’d internalized it as a regular part of my diet. And then we moved away. Snow cones couldn’t begin to match it, and I long ago gave up trying to find a replacement. But reading that article, it seems that the snowball does recognize the important part – the fineness of the ice. Perhaps I’ll give it a go next time I’m up in Baltimore.

  6. No, disagree, Sam. The best seafood comes from Marathon, in the Florida Keys. Well, as per your point…it did.

    Also, the Keys (specifically, the Blonde Giraffe) is the only place you can get a real key lime pie. The crap up here is disgusting. And people don’t understand the real joy of it–which is putting popsicile sticks in slices and freezing them, chocolate topping optional.

    Although, I remember getting looks of extreme confusion from some DC friends of mine, when I expressed a need for water ice recently. “ Which is it? And why are you pronouncing ‘water’ “wooder’?” Its too…watery…to qualify as anything near a snowball, though.

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