Perriello threatened.

Tom Perriello’s brother received a threatening letter in the mail today. Rough day at the Perriellos’. I wonder how they explain this to their four little kids? Does Congress—which is to say we taxpayers—foot the bill for 24-hour security on their house?

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5 replies on “Perriello threatened.”

  1. Maybe because the kids are asking about (a) that smell of gas from the severed gas line, (b) why all the grown-ups seem stressed and scared, (c) who are all these police officers and FBI agents walking around the yard investigating things, (d) why Daddy got really upset when he read the mail, (e) why the family has to go stay at an undisclosed location for the next few days, etc.

  2. It’s kind of hard to keep secrets from your kids once the FBI starts getting involved. Back when my mother taught at Stanford, they’d occasionally play host on behalf of the department for visiting scientists — including a couple who visited from the Soviet Union. Political discussions were avoided on both sides; mainly they just wanted to go to a shopping mall and buy as many pairs of blue jeans they could fit in their suitcases. But this didn’t stop the FBI from showing up in the middle of the night to plant bugs in the family minivan, which is how I learned about the Cold War.

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