“Don’t Retreat, Instead—RELOAD!”

Sarah Palin has marked the Fifth District with crosshairs, sending supporters to the map by telling supporters “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!

Must we continue to pretend to be surprised by acts of violence on the part of the angry right?

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  1. Is that Twitter background for real? Like, with the moose and stars and tilted book jacket photo?

    Sorry, that’s beside the point. I find this all incredibly interesting–I took a comparative constitutional law class last semester*, and a big part of what we talked about was parliamentary government forms of government versus presidential. One really interesting thing was that a lot of presidential systems, especially in South America, tended to be more unstable than parliamentary systems (although obviously this isn’t always true). We spent a lot of time talking about if the American system of presidentialism would ever face the sort of political violence, tribalism, impasse between parties, and polarization that marked the downfall of many modern presidential systems.

    I’m not saying that would happen in the US nor am I arguing for parliamentarianism; I just find it really interesting how unstable American government is, and how easy it is to shake our system and push it into something really, really polarized.

    * Hi MB!! I know you’re laughing at me! Go for it. Interesting class, godawful exam.

  2. They just fired a bullet through Eric Cantor’s office window. This would seem to illustrate that this is not going to be Democrats versus Republicans. The Tea Party has turned into a violent movement against Americans of all political persuasions.

    We, Democrats and Republicans, need to work together to shut these people down NOW before the flags are flying at half-staff.

  3. Cantor claims his office was shot at 4 days ago in the middle of the night. Anyone seen a police report?

    Why is Chris LaCivita involved?

    Why did Eric Cantor wait 4 days and use the occasion to ridiculously accuse Democrats of using reports of recent threats of violence for political gain?

  4. Jack, what evidence — or even a plausible reason — is there that Cantor’s office was shot at by a Tea Party member?

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