And I won’t take money from Millerites.

From the “WTF” department:

LaCivita said that Hurt will not pledge, as Perriello has, to reject contributions from lobbyists or corporate PACs. Hurt will promise, he added, to not take money from “communists”

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  1. Let me get this straight: some people who donated to the Perriello campaign do not inform that they are lobbyists, Perriello doesn’t know about the donations and when he does find out he gives the money back. Is that all? Republicans are desperate for anything right now. They thought they would be crowing about a healthcare defeat but here they are grasping at straws with this.

  2. Someone close to Tom needs to let him know that this will be a fundamentally different election. He’s the Bastogne cross roads and those aren’t a bunch of washed up tea baggers over in the Ardennes woodlot. Those are the meanest, most committed, swiftboating, macaca-loving political shock troops in the rightwing camp. They will be funded by every well-off fascist sugar daddy in the Reichpublican party. Perriello is the Bulge and he would do well to take whatever help he can get. He needs to quit humming Kumbahyah and find him a Patton with heavy loads. And anyone who calls him friend needs to know what’s coming and take a gut check. God Bless the guy, he needs a miracle.

  3. You know what I dig about Tom Perriello? I have this vague impression that he knows that there are worse things in the world than losing an election. The tea baggers all go around crowing about how he’s going to be defeated in November like it’s some big friggin’ threat, but I’m pretty sure he’s figured out that even if he is a one term Congressman, that’s one more term in the House than anyone reading this blog got. And he’ll know that he did a lot more than just fill a chair; he’ll know that he made the most of it.

    Which is more than I could ever say for the freshman democrat I helped elect out of my home district two years ago.

  4. Tom not taking corporate PAC money is part of the conviction politics that got him elected. He was 35 points down in the polls in August, 2008, and he didn’t take PAC money. He’s tied or ahead of all of the Republicans now; why start taking PAC money now?

    Being able to show that you are who you say you are is worth more than a million dollars in corporate money.

  5. In 2004 a Vietnam-combat decorated, Purple Heart awarded US Senator was challenging the re-election of George Bush, a fortunate-son who sat out that same conflict in the National Guard before going AWOL. America had recently learned that our invasion of Iraq – justified by a threat of WMD, had been a lie. By the time Robert Hurt’s Campaign Manager was done with that narrative the term “Swiftboated” had been created, and the worst President in American History had been saved from defeat.

    Two years later Hurt’s manager promoted a portrayal of the most highly decorated living Navy combat veteran, and challenger to Sen. George Allen, as a pedophile pornographer, Nancy Reagan-hating misogynist. If not for Macaca-gate it would have worked.

    That gas line cutting stuff was just the beginning. A world of well-funded ugly is headed toward Virginia’s 5th CD. Perriello shouldn’t refuse or apologize for any help he gets, his opponents certainly don’t.

  6. Sam, that’s a great point, and I think you’re exactly right about Perriello. The same applies to Obama. These are people who wanted to achieve some things on behalf of the public, more specifically the part of the public that routinely gets screwed over by the usual politicians. Getting in and getting it done matters; sticking around year after year after year doesn’t matter as much.

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