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  1. every time I see him on TV .. I shout WEASEL.

    and just think – he’s the face of the Republican Party these days and he’s all ours…


  2. From various sources:

    In the ’50s, a few citizens trumpeted the idea that Socorro [in New Mexico] had somehow escaped all legal transfers from Spain to Mexico to the U.S. and started a secession campaign. License plates reading “Free State of Socorro” can still be seen.

    (Not quite the same, but amusing nonetheless…)

    I’ve lived in Socorro…and have one of the aforementioned license plates lurking around my attic somewhere. :)

  3. ooh ooh.. now Cantor is saying that they’re after him because he’s Jewish… CALL THE LAW!

  4. I hope Larry didn’t lose his cool and shoot out Cantor’s office window! I want to say that their are wackos on both the right and the left, but there are a few people who would just respond with “you’re an angry teabagger,” and “that was probably a teabagger trying to make it look like there are violent attitudes on both sides.”

  5. in my day… there was great fun to be had by putting a paper bag full of dog doo on the guys porch…setting it on fire and ringing the doorbell.

    I admit.. I’d crack up to be able to see Cantor stomping out that bag…

    I know.. I’m evil…

  6. thanks… the succeeding Press conference with the offending “evidence” offered as proof of the assault would be a hoot too…

  7. One of my favorite things to visit every once in a while in American history is all of the proposed states… like Franklin.

    Probably the most famous is Jefferson. Also from Wikipedia: a list of some more.

    Tangentially: There’s a book that gives a very broad look at how the states got their shapes, titled, “How the States Got Their Shapes”, coincidently. If you have interest, here’s a Library of Congress talk on Youtube by the author. Some nuggets of forgotten American history gold in there.

  8. There are two stories in the Richmond Times-Dispatch indicating that the building Cantor is claiming was the target of a politically fired bullet is not even identified by signage as being Cantor’s headquarters or having any other connection to Cantor.

    In the stories, the window in question was merely a place where Cantor sometimes held meetings–not his headquarters. It is, according to the T-D, the office of a legal firm who Cantor is friendly with, which might explain why he would have occasional meetings there.

    The person who fired the shot did not even make a direct hit on the window. It was more of a random thing, not exactly uncommon for Richmond. Other random gunfire has occurred in the same neighborhood. One T-D story included: “A preliminary investigation determined that a bullet was fired into the air and struck the window at a downward direction, landing about a foot from the window.”

    “Neighbors described the area as a quiet neighborhood. Mark Galt, a real estate developer whose office is across the street, said a pellet from a pellet gun struck a window of his office about six months ago,” continued a T-D report.

    When Cantor stood at a podium to claim his status as a political victim, he must have known these facts. More proof that he is the worst kind of demagogue.

  9. Thank God no one was hurt by this random criminal act. It’s pretty much impossible to predict where a bullet will land when it’s fired up into the air like this; at the end of its trajectory, it could just as easily have hit a bystander as a window. I am relieved no one was injured.

  10. I have a buddy who owns a warehouse on Shenandoah Ave in Roanoke. Every year or so he sends a employee up on his leaking flat roof with a bucket of roof patch and a screw driver to dig bullets out of his roof membrane.

  11. And now the stupid extends to both sides. Bricks thrown thru the windows of Albemarle GOP Headquaters.

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