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  1. I’ve just purchased the R. Crumb illustrated Book of Genesis (apparently he tried to adapt it as accurately as possible.) Really looking forward to cracking that one open, when it gets to the top of my reading stack

  2. That’s actually what I’m reading, James. It’s amazing what a difference that the per-verse illustrations make. I can follow characters much more easily when I can see them. He also illustrates the various gods, a reminder that early Judiasm was polythestic. But the most jarring thing is the huge plot holes that become extra-evident when you’ve got illustrations. Like when God creates Adam and Eve…and then he creates them again. That’s weird enough when read, but when read with illustrations, it gives the reader a “WTF?” moment. There’s a lot of that in here.

  3. The school lunches story was distressing and not a bit surprising, but it does illustrate clearly how the drive for efficiency and low labor costs in school lunchrooms leads directly to crappy, barely-nutritive food. It also made me think about how so many “jobs” these days really aren’t helping the employees develop any real skills. The school cafeteria cook isn’t a cook–he or she is a defroster, at best, someone who dumps pre-cooked frozen food products into a vat and then pushes a button. All the skill has been stripped out of the job. Why are Americans so obsessed with efficiency and low labor costs to the exclusion of high quality and meaningful interaction with one’s work? Here, eat this cardboard, it was really easy and cheap to produce! Here, do this job exactly the way a mindless robot would do it! ah, now that’s the American way!

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