YA5DR declares candidacy.

Scott Schultz, of Albemarle County, is seeking the Republican nomination to run against Tom Perriello. He’s a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (Shire of Isenfir, which I gather is the local chapter), where he has the rank of Knight Marshal, and prefers to be known as “Lord Philip ap Griffith.” He’s running because working-class stronger party common-sense conservative values. Or some flavor of word soup like that.

Fifth District Republicans have devolved into self-parody. There’s nothing I can say that’s funnier than the reality of this.

So let me just take this occasion to say one more time that Sen. Robert Hurt is the right guy for Republicans to nominate, such that they may be encouraged to redouble their efforts to nominate a teabag-festooned lamppost or a suitably conservative andiron rather than somebody who has a chance of winning.

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12 replies on “YA5DR declares candidacy.”

  1. Waldo,
    Let’s not rule this guy out just because he has an “alternative lifestyle.” I think a “Fantasy Inspired Individual” (FII) could do an adequate job as a Congress Critter. Miohelle Bachman’s constituents seem to like her and she’s definitley living in a fanstasy world.

  2. I’m with Steve. I’m down for a little bit of Creative. Truly, that’s the only difference between the GOP and the Society for Creative Anachronism, no?

  3. I was actually a semi-constituent of Cooter’s when I was in law school (I lived in the district, but voted in Pennsylvania, where I was still a resident). Took the seat from an aptly-named Republican named “Swindall.”

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