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  • It has become popular to assert that teabaggers aren't as crazy as they look. Look no further than David Barstow's feature article on them to see strong evidence to the contrary. These people are out of their *minds*. The only thing unifying them is paranoia and a false sense of grandiosity. They're on a hair trigger to assassinate the president and start picking off congressmen. Luckily for the rest of us, this bunch is too elderly to manage anything so strenuous.
  • Check out this Connecticut restaurant's sweet domain name. Afghanistan was all like "hey, you can register domains with us now," and this guy was all like "I'll take www."
  • Ingredients: 1 moose nose, salt & pepper, 4 bay leaves, onion.
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  • There is no such thing as a runcible spoon, "Owl and the Pussycat" notwithstanding. Like a borogrove, it's an invention of a poet having fun with language.
  • Sometimes, in writing software that processes words, it's necessary to wrap text. And when it's necessary to wrap text, it's often necessary to break words. But how can software know where to break a word? The word "sublimate" should be broken as "sub-limate" or "subli-mate"; "subl-imate" or "sublim-ate" would be confusing. This fellow has provided a hyphenation dictionary for this very purpose. Somebody should tell Amazon about this, because the lack of hyphenation on the Kindle is wretched.

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  1. Wow, I gotta hit up the Shish Kebab House! I see some vegetarian dishes and I gotta try a Hookah @ $25! I don’t smoke but Victoria said she tried one in Egypt and it was a trip.

  2. He is, but he’s one of the freshman who I wrote I was ignoring, “for whom there’s little data just yet.” Based on this year’s data, yeah, he is the most partisan, but the data set is awfully small at this point.

  3. regarding the Tea Party article, I like the total and utter leap in logic between these two paragraphs:

    “Their families upended by lost jobs, foreclosed homes and depleted retirement funds, they said they wanted to know why it happened and whom to blame.

    “That is often the point when Tea Party supporters say they began listening to Glenn Beck.”

  4. … and on the subject of amazing restaurant URLs, I was up in Princeton NJ a few months ago and decided it might be a fun idea to spend my 27th birthday in the same restaurant in which I celebrated birthdays 1, 2, and 3.

    revisiting it as an adult (hadn’t been there in 25yrs), I discovered not only the greatest goddamn pancake house I’ve ever been to… but was also pleasantly surprised by the URL at the bottom of their menu:

    (…sadly, it’s necessary to include the www.)

  5. Whoa, freaky. I’ll be dining at Shish Kebob House in West Hartford tomorrow night. Love that place, go there often. The website makes it look a bit cheesy, but it’s somewhat sophisticated, sort of upscale yet comfortable with very reasonable prices. Have never seen a hookah offered.

    Waldo, how did you come across this URL thing with them? Was it news somewhere?

  6. Waldo, how did you come across this URL thing with them? Was it news somewhere?

    I spent all day yesterday copyediting and doing some light second-round fact checking of the spring issue of VQR, which included a bunch of googling to verify the names of various Pashto words and Afghani place names, and somewhere in the course of that I saw the domain name “” and did a double-take, since the description (on the Google search result, I assume) didn’t make it look like a domain name registrar, which is what you’d normally expect at http://www.countryname.

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