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  1. As someone who seasons his ground beef before making the burgers, I can honestly say I’ve never seen or made a burger that looks like or has the properties of the pre-salted burgers on that page. I’m not saying my way is right, but I am saying that the results he got are bizarre. Maybe the process he used that makes a good burger with un-salted ground beef is an awful process with salted. Maybe he left the salt on there for too long and either the changes from osmotic pressure or the protein denaturing made it weird. But something ain’t right.

    I’ve also never salted meat pre-grind, but it occurs to me that the water being drawn out of the meat and onto the surface likely has a lot more with how the ground beef clings together in strands than does the denaturing of proteins, but again, this depends a lot on the amount of time that the salt was left to cling to the meat. More time would mean more denaturing and less surface moisture.

    In other words, though I have no real loyalty to salting the meat before forming patties, I’m not convinced that this really proves anything.

  2. Eraserhead is one of the greatest romantic comedies ever.

    I consider myself a David Lynch fan but Wild at Heart is a movie that I’m not sure I will ever understand the praise for. I don’t hate it, and even like bits of it, but every time I bump into a critic who acts like it was his masterpiece, I get really suspicious of their medication combination. Blue Velvet (my favorite), The Elephant Man, and Lost Highway were all much, much better candidates.

  3. Waldo, it’s tied with his last film for weirdest full length film. His short films are largely unwatchable. I netflixed his short film collection awhile back and got through maybe the first three or four before I turned it off and wanted a hamburger and a stiff drink.

    And I usually LIKE this kind of art-house crazy shit.

  4. as a big David Lynch fan, I have to wholeheartedly agree that “Wild at Heart” is definitely his worst movie. although I did kind of like Sherilyn Fenn’s cameo as the girl in the car crash.

    agreed his shorts aren’t as strong as his full-lengths, but I actually really liked “the Alphabet” and “the Grandmother”

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