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  1. There’s a tremendous amount of bad information out there about muscle development. When I started exercising a few years ago, I did some casual research about it since I didn’t know much about how it worked and what the science behind it is. Trainers and nutrition products and so on make great assertions about the benefits of things like protein, glutamine, creatine, etc. but if you actually look for scientific evidence to justify it, there isn’t much out there. It’s not necessarily wrong, it’s just that there’s disagreement and not much reliable, peer-reviewed data to fall back on. Interesting given that there’s a huge industry built around this stuff.

  2. That what I learned with last year’s new year’s resolution, Will. In addition to wanting to be more fit and aware of my body’s well-being in those terms—something that I’m happy with the outcome of—I wanted to learn how my body works, biomechanically and nutritionally, to understand how to exercise optimally. After no more than a few hours’ reading I was convinced that was a waste of time. A lot of exercise information seems to be the equivalent of Atkins—at best, you’re hacking your body, at worst, you’re wasting your time. I stick with the basics: eat healthier food, get my heart pumping more, and lift progressively heavier things. That’s working out.

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