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  • Booth killing Abraham Lincoln would be roughly equivalent to Stephen Baldwin killing George Bush. Somebody once told me that, and I've found it a helpful way to grasp Booth's position in the national eye prior to his murder of the president.
  • Brilliant. I want one.
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  • In the course of editorializing that Del. Phil Hamilton should resign, the RT-D editorial board calls for "appropriate compensation for lawmakers." It's not often that the RT-D's editors and I agree on a political matter.
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  • Vivian agrees: This business of a half-assed legislature has got to go. Virginia isn't a podunk colony on the western edge of civilization anymore. Let's stop acting like it.
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  • There's a childhood knowledge of stinging insects that you pick up from friends. The most vaunted is the hornet, which any American seven-year-old will inform you is the most aggressive, most painful bee-kind-of-thing to be stung by. But what's a "night hornet," the huge hornets that will bang up against your windows at night? It turns out to be the same thing: the European hornet, the only hornet found in the U.S., and it really is pretty nasty.

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  1. Until this post, I never knew that bald-faced hornets were not actually hornets. Go figure. I still remember the summer @ High Knoll following a winter so mild the area didn’t record a frost — or enough of a frost to kill off the previous year’s hornets, that is. Out of our troop contingent, only two of us (myself fortunately included) escaped the week without a sting. Luck of the draw, I guess.

    We have the EuroHornets here in Germany, naturally, and let me tell you — getting buzzed by one of those things in the evening has you looking for a low-flying helicopter. LOUD little things — and not terribly little, either — all of them that I’ve seen look to be the size of my thumb.

  2. I think it would be more appropriate to plug Alec Baldwin into the Booth comparison. While you might dislike Stephen for his political or moral leanings, Alec is, hands down, the biggest wacko in the family. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had pondered the demise of Bush a time or two!

  3. Wouldn’t it be more like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp? Or maybe Matthew McConaughey? (Not in terms of politics, just thinking of more heart-throbby actors…) I don’t know that any of the Baldwin brothers have been making most women swoon anytime recently. Anyway, I’m glad no one assassinated Bush. I hope our country never has to go through such a horrible trauma ever again. I’m getting cold and clammy and a little sick just thinking and talking about it.

  4. I don’t know the first thing about Stephen Baldwin’s politics or morals. He’s the appropriate example here, though, because a) the Baldwin family is of a similar level of prominence in popular culture and acting as the Booth family was and b) his position of fame and prominence within the Baldwin family is analogous to J.W. Booth’s position in his family. Pitt, Depp, and McConaughey are way more well-known than Booth was, and aren’t from families of well-known actors.

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