Astroturfing update.

There have been a bunch of developments regarding the Bonner & Associates astroturfing of Rep. Tom Perriello’s office that are worth calling up.

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4 replies on “Astroturfing update.”

  1. I think I understand the Bonner boner but could help me with astroturfing. Is it just forging letters to sway opinion?

  2. @perlogik: It’s the stuff that people do to make it LOOK like a real grassroots movement, but in actuality is all fake, hence “astroturf.” It can range anywhere from planting questions in a townhall, having a small number of people mass-blog about something, to having a top-down organization of rallies/protests/etc. or yes, faking letters to congressmen.

    Anything that is done to create the look and feel of a strong grassroots movement where there actually is none.

    Hope this helps.

  3. “Astroturfing” is a ginned up version of grass-roots politics. So, if grass-roots is citizens getting together and taking action (letters, phone calls, political protest, etc.), astroturfing is when somebody with more money than popular support tries to create a sense of citizen support. It doesn’t have to involve forgery. It just implies a paid “top-down” campaign, made to look like a “bottom-up” campaign.

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