McAuliffe asks us to “think of the children.”

The AP’s Bob Lewis inquired as to how much that Terry McAuliffe is worth, in light of his Global Crossing investment. McAuliffe’s response is a strange one:

McAuliffe won’t disclose his net worth, citing concern for his children

I don’t even know what that means. Is he seriously claiming that, if people knew precisely how rich he is, his children could be targets of kidnapping? I mean, once your net worth is in the millions and you’re a candidate for governor, does it really matter how many extra zeros there are if a bad guy’s got his eye on you? Or am I just misunderstanding him here?

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  1. On another note….

    Saw Brian’s campaign ad on tv which either has a spokesman giving the disclosure line or Brian is imitating an accent much different from his own, which reminds me of…

    If Jerry Kilgore is going to say something, he should be enough of a man to say it himself, rather than hide behind his spokesman. That strikes me as pretty reasonable. Between his refusal to speak on his ads and his refusal to debate, I can’t see what Kilgore is running for office — he seems awfully frightened of actually interfacing with the public.

    Posted by Waldo Jaquith on 25 April 2005 @ 4pm

  2. If his children knew how much he was worth, they’d kill him for the inheritance. And then they’d get caught and be executed. He’s just protecting them from that horrible fate.

    I’m going to say a word or phrase and you say the first thing that comes to your mind: Terry McAuliffe. Snake oil.

  3. FWIW, Bill, I haven’t seen that Brian Moran is in the habit of having spokesmen say things that he’s not willing to, as Jerry Kilgore was. For months Kilgore woudn’t speak in front of a camera or a microphone, which came off as spineless. None of the candidates on either side of the aisle seem to have that sort of reservation this time around. :)

  4. Waldo – that’s because you haven’t watched his tv ads playing in Richmond then.

  5. and I agree – Brian is making the attacks personally which I respect a lot more than Jerry’s campaign.

    but to hear either Brian or a spokesman give the disclosure in such a non-Brian accent was funny.

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